The Glastonbury Abbey Recovery Appeal

Glastonbury Abbey urgently needs your support. As an independent charity we are almost entirely reliant on visitors for our income and with running costs of approximately £3,000 per day you can imagine how hard we have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

From February we started to see bookings from tour groups and schools drop off, followed by the UK lock down from March.

Set in the heart of Glastonbury, the abbey’s 36 acres of land have rarely been more important. They provide a place for people to relax, escape and find peace and quiet, a place of spiritual and religious importance and most importantly a place where people can be outdoors and surrounded by nature in safety.

With this in mind we have launched, and are continuing to launch, a host of fundraising projects under the banner of our Glastonbury Abbey Recover Appeal. As part of this our Adopt an Artefact campaign provides people with the opportunity to not only support the abbey, but also be part of its history by supporting one of the many objects which represent its rich history.

Adopt an Artefact

Our “Adopt an Artefact Scheme” plays a crucial role in helping Glastonbury Abbey recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. It also provides you with the opportunity to play an important role in conserving the abbey’s history and highlighting the importance of the artefacts held within its collection.

These objects represent only a small proportion of the items we have in our collection, most of which were found in excavations by some of the key figures in medieval archaeology during the 20th century, including Ralegh Radford.

The rich and varied range of objects we have in our collection represent more than 1,500 years of occupation on the site and the wealth of heritage which is associated with it. Among the abbey’s archaeological collection are items of national significance, including some of the earliest examples of Saxon glass production, some of Britain’s finest Romanesque and Early English Sculpture and the widest range of excavated English monastic material culture in the country.

Each item is offered for sponsorship for a period of 12 months, however, longer term sponsorship may be possible, please contact Daniel Gibson at if you want to discuss longer term sponsorship or would like to sponsor a specific object not listed here.

Your help is essential in helping Glastonbury Abbey conserve these valuable pieces of heritage.