Terms & Conditions

All sponsorship prices listed are for a period of 12 months starting from the date of adoption. If you would like to adopt an artefact for a longer period please email Daniel Gibson at Daniel.gibson@glastonburyabbey.com for more information.

With your consent your details will be published next to an image of the artefact on a dedicated webpage, along with a card next to the artefact while it is on display.

Glastonbury Abbey may remove items from display temporarily or permanently for essential operational or conservation reasons. 

We will be updating the list of artefacts available for sponsorship on a regular basis, however, if there is a particular item which you are interested in sponsoring please email Daniel Gibson at Daniel.gibson@glastonburyabbey.com. As we have several items in our museum which are on loan only items specifically owned by Glastonbury Abbey will be available for sponsorship.

Rights regarding the object remain held by Glastonbury Abbey during adoption, including but not limited to, handling, placement, images etc. 

Adoption does not provide discount or exemption from admission fees, including membership, associated packages, or tickets.

Once an artefact is adopted it is not possible to refund the adoption amount.

For full terms of service across the Glastonbury Abbey websites please visit https://www.glastonburyabbeyshop.com/terms